Canine Obedience Training

 Having a dog should be a joyful experience, but sometimes it is not always the case for owners.

I offer friendly canine behaviour advice in a consultation, on any canine behaviour issues or training problems that can occur in daily life. I tailor all my canine behaviour consultations/ training programs to the individual and personality of the owner and dog. Using only kind, positive treats or toy reward based methods. 

Canine Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour session at Salon

A 1 hour at consultation session at the salon, on behaviour problems, with a chat about environment, problems that occur, Methods and applying methods, with note reminders to follow. £30 per session and  a  2/3 week follow up to see how you are doing and if more training is needed.

Private, Basic Obedience Training

A 1 hour 1:1 private training session in my salon which covers the basic obedience but with my undivided attention whilst training and tailoring training to each  owner and dogs individual needs.  This is for obedience training only and covers similar methods to a puppy class for example, re-call, heel work, leave it, wait, stay etc. 

£25 per hour (6 week bulk booking available)